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Sunday, 2 October 2011

dental websites

The Best Dental Websites
The best dental websites contain common ingredients. In this article we will review what makes a dental website great and what needs to be done to get the best out of your dental website.

The best dental websites on the internet improve the images of their dental practices. A great dental website should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and resourceful. When a visitor clicks on a dental website, there is a very small window of time before the viewer decides if he is going to leave or stay. An attractive dental website should immediately grab the viewer’s attention, but not be too flashy or intimidating. Furthermore, the website must reflect professionalism and care.
It is very important that your dental website be easy to navigate. In the internet world, there is no bigger turnoff than a website that seems to hide important information. For instance, if someone wants to contact your dental office, that information should be easily accessible. If there is a FAQ section, that section must be readily identifiable. Remember, the purpose of the site is to cater to the viewer, not make the viewer work. Many websites incorporate a type of animation effect known as Flash. Some websites are full Flash, while other have Flash content embedded in them. Search engines are not able to read the content of a Flash effect. As a result, it is recommended that if Flash is used on a website, it only be used as a component of the website, not as the website itself. In other words, no dental website should be created in Flash only.

Another important element of a dental website is the content. The content of a dental website is important for two reasons. First, most dental patients expect their dentist's website to be more than a digital brochure. They want a resource they can refer to. As a result, an effective approach to dental website construction is to design it as a dental patient education center. Content devoted to answering common dental questions and concerns is a must. Furthermore, dental patient education videos have also proven to be effective in not only educating a prospective patient, but also in illustrating what makes a particular dental practice special. Second, search engines scan for new and unique content. For any website to come up on a search, that site must carry customized content.

Many factors contribute to making a Dental Websites design a success. Finding a dental website company that understands dentists and dental terminology is of paramount importance. Doing so saves time and money and creates results that will ensure that your dental website performs its functions and compliment your dental practice.

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